According to ancient manuscripts, this shrine was first built in the time of Emperor Jyomei (A.D.629-641), and was re-erected in its present location in the middle of the Kamakura period (1185-1333). This shrine is widely worshipped at, and is under the protection of the gods of wealth, "Onamuchi-no-mikoto" and "Kotoshironushi-no-mikoto". These gods are often known as "Daikoku" and "Ebisu". The main shrine, which was built in a late Muromachi style, is the oldest of its kind in this area. In the garden can be seen "Musubi-no-matsu", the sacred pine tree of matrimony, as well as the monument on which is engraved a piece of poetry by Saneatsu Mushanokoji, a famous writer (1885-1976).

The Daikoku festival is held on April 29th every year in celebration of Hymen, the god of matrimony. During the annual autumn festival, held on October 9th and 10th, the shrine becomes crowded with becomes excited people viewing the portable shrine, as well as the colorful displays decorated floats.

photo  The Daikoku festival

photo  The Daikoku festival    photo  The Daikoku festival